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The pressures of modern life make massage a necessity, not a luxury. Swedish massage is a wonderful way to escape the tensions of our work and domestic lives and recharge our bodies and minds. This technique involves the gentle application of pressure using oil to soothe away sore and aching muscles. In addition to relaxation, the massage also enhances your immune system, lowers blood pressure and makes your body less susceptible to the ravages of stress.
 All massages are different, and are carried out with the clients wishes and needs in mind.
I offer a number of treatments. tailored to suit you. A package incorporating a range of treatments can be created.

Aromatherapy Massage - £30

Soothe the mind and troublesome muscles. This massage is ideal for those with delicate areas of tension or in need of emotional release and mind relaxation. I begin with a thorough body brushing and exfoliation to warm and detoxify the skin. I then apply a scrumptious body scrub over the back which removes dead cells and boosts circulation. Tingling skin is refreshed with hot towels before a restorative and heady mix of aromatherapy oils designed to suit your mood is massaged in to the body, scalp, hands and feet, melting away stresses and calming busy minds.
Swedish Massage - £30
This firm full body treatment can be adapted to suit the individual and work on personal key areas of tension. I begin with dry brushing to warm and detoxify the skin, bringing impurities to the surface. I then apply a scrumptious body scrub over the back to remove dead cells and boost circulation. Tingling skin is refreshed with hot towels before an organic nourishing and conditioning body oil is massaged deep in to the muscles, kneading and relaxing the whole body at a pressure guided by you.

​Indian Head Massage - £20
Indian head massage focuses on the head, neck, scalp and face by working on the key acupressure points to relieve tension and stress.  This is a very relaxing and peaceful treatment which lifts the mood and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

Back Massage - £25

This intensive massage works deep into those high tension areas. The skin is prepared with dry brushing to stimulate & detoxify. A circulation boosting body scrub is worked into the skin to remove dead cells, and then refreshed with hot towels. This is the finished with a back massage using high quality oils

Facial massage - £30

I begin with a warming and gentle effleurage to the face, neck, shoulders, head and scalp using the nourishing rejuvenating facial oil. A toe-tingling treatment is then delivered to the scalp as I  gently works the pressure points from the forehead to the base of the head. Attention is then paid to the back of the neck and shoulders, removing any high tension knots and relaxing those problem areas. This lovely treatment is finished with focus on the acupressure points across the face
 Teen back massage - £15

Designed specifically with teenagers in mind, thistreatment is the perfect way to introduce young people to the benefits of a relaxing massage, helping to clear the mind and reward the body. This treatment focuses on the common areas of tension; the neck, back and shoulders, at a pressure to suit the individual and our aromatherapy oils are sensitive enough to use on young skin. All treatments are carried out with a parent or carer present.